We like having our info stored in millions of computers over the internet about as much as you do.

We like getting spam and other unsolicited email as much as you do.

We like being tracked so that big companies can get rich from our information about as much as you do.

Therefore we don’t have trackers or cookies on our website, if you send us an email we reply to it and that’s it, and if you join us on Discord you decide yourself how much you want to share, and when you want to leave again.

That’s why you didn’t notice a Cookie banner when you clicked on this website first :).

Some of the third party services that we use (like Discord and Patronite) have their own privacy policies.

Small print


When you visit the website, we do not put cookies on your computer or track you in any other way.

The website is hosted by Netlify; please see their page to check how to exercise your rights.

The Google Translate Google translate feature on some pages (if the page is not available in your own language) redirects you to the Google Translate website. Please check the privacy information on this page to understand how this impacts your privacy. Google Translate will only be used after a user presses the Google translate icon.

Email and phone

If you contact us through email and phone, we will use the information provided to reply and/or process your request. Your email is kept in our system in order to be able to deal with follow-up emails. If you don’t want this, you may request us to remove it after it has been replied to (either in the orginal email, or in a follow-up).


We use Patronite to process payment of membership fees. Please refer to their privacy policy to see what data they collect.


The main communication channel used by the Hackerspace Tr├│jmiasto is Discord; it is not impossible to be a member without joining Discord, but it’s hard. Please refer to Discord’s privacy policy.

Your rights

Under the GDPR (and, quite honestly, under “common sense”), you have the right to request correction or removal of any personal data that we store. To exercise this right, contact us through the means described on the contact page.

We are a small, volunteer run, organisation, don’t be afraid that you’ll get stuck in corporate machinery.