Workshop run docker loads on Raspberry Pi (-like) devices, in a stable and maintainable way

  • Date: Thursday 5 October 2023, 18:00
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Presenter: Claude (@claude9134 on Discord)
  • The presentation will be done in English is a tool built to run large fleets of devices running (docker) containers in an easy way. However for us as makers it offers great possibilities to stably run and control single devices running a single instance.

What this allows us is to run a Docker container on a Raspberry Pi (or any other SBC), managed by Balena. Balena provides the host OS, a way to remotely log in, restart, and update the container after a push to Github. Balena has a free account for up to 10 devices (which is probably more than enough for any hacker).

During this workshop, we will be making a Balena account (one per person), and experiment with installing / updating the containers we want.

We will have a limited number of Raspberry Pi’s available to play with during the workshop (however ideally people would bring their own – it will run on any device from this list; which includes all raspberry pis).

Please follow this discord thread to be kept up to date on the latest info.

The workshop is open to any level; you will have an advantage if you know your way around Docker a bit, but if not, we’ll catch you up (we’re also considering a separate Docker follow-up workshop, if there is interest).

Please bring a laptop and (if you have one) a small SBC to participate.